Outsourced Sales
• Maximizing revenue channels
• Defining revenue targets
• Sales organization & compensation design
• Cross-team incentives
• Packaging & sales offering
• Pricing strategies
• Strategic partnerships

Sales Enablement
• Training & coaching
• Programmatic & data selling
• Selling to the sell side
• Selling to the buy side
• Prospect & opportunities
• Networking & referrals

Strategic Innovation
• Product roadmap & new product development
• Build/buy/partner decision support
• Cross-channel data strategy
• Innovation labs & emerging trends
• Investment opportunity due diligence
• Corporate development

Additional Services

Market Position
• Competitive analysis
• Go-to-market positioning & packaging
• New market entry
• Global & new region market development
• Marketing & events plan

Industry Insights
• AdTech & MarTech landscape orientation
• Vendor & partner selection
• Industry training & workshop
• Digital transformation
• Technology stack evaluation

Digital advisor with extensive experience specializing in advertising and marketing technology, data management & targeting, programmatic advertising, analytics, strategy and product development and go-to-market positioning.

Ken Zachmann
Principal Advisor

A thought leader with 20 years experience in digital data marketing, identity resolution and on-boarding. Ken has held leadership roles for top data and technology providers, brand marketers and founded his own boutique publisher portal, in 2001.  Ken has a unique background of working on both the buy side and the sell side in the AdTech landscape.

This unique perspective has led Ken into the people-focused marketing arena as it relates to identity resolution, on-boarding and building truly deterministic identity graphs. Having worked with all the largest players in the identity resolution and on-boarding space for nearly 10 years, Ken has a deep insight into all solutions on the market and understands their strengths and weaknesses for both the buyers and sellers.

Ken is now helping to his clients to build the next generation of data-driven identity resolution to power more effective identity graphs, on-boarding solutions and data driven ad targeting. Ken is also heavily focused on how to integrate direct-to-publisher ID syncing and provide strategies for brands and publishers to de-silo their marketing efforts and create a truly multifaceted marketing approaches that encompasses identity resolution, direct ID syncing, on-boarding, audience targeting, data-driven creative optimization, attribution and measurement. All this together will be another step towards the next generation of people focused targeting.

Prior to serving as Principal Advisor at Diverge Digital Media Inc., Ken was the GM/SVP at V12 Data Inc. for seven ears and was on the initial go-to-market team at Datalogix/Oracle.  Ken also worked on the media side for Value Click and in product marketing and merchandising at

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